Xiom Coatings

Xiom Coatings vary in many respects. They can have textures and properties not found in any other types of coatings. They are supplied in a fine powdered form and sold by the pound. In terms of strength and durability, they are similar to traditional powder coatings. Compared to paint, the coatings will, on average, last 7-10 times longer than paint when applied to a similar surface.

Xiom coatings come in two varieties: Thermoplastics -meaning they can be softened by reheating, or thermosets - meaning that they undergo a chemical reaction during heating and when applied are permanent.

When applied, the coatings adhere to the surface that you are coating and solidify. Once the coatings have cooled for a moment, they are ready to be handled.

In terms of appearance, Xiom coatings can be:

They can have different properties such as:

  • flexibility - meaning they can be bent in a press without cracking, for example
  • inflexibility - for aesthetically pleasing architectural purposes
  • large particles - suited for filling in pores in concrete for example
  • non-stick additives
  • traction additives
  • anti-graffiti - paints that are applied to the anti-graffiti coatings can be wiped or washed off easily
  • anti-fouling
  • anti-microbial for food or non-food contact
  • anti mold/fungus
  • and more

In addition, the coatings can can be color matched, with speckles, or with some coatings you may even apply your own 'toppings' immediately after the coatings have been applied (sparkles anyone?).


What materials do the coatings bond with?

The coatings can be applied to many different materials such as:

mild steel
stainless steel
galvanized metal
other alloys


Natural products
masonry products
ceramic tile


Other materials
various plastics
polyurethane foams
particle board
paper (really!)
painted surfaces

Undercoats are also available that apply a zinc primer with the Xiom 1000 system to a metallic surface which will encapsulate the metal and prevent it from oxidizing/rusting after the surface coating has been applied.



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