Slough Sticks

What IS a Slough Stick anyways?

The Slough Stick is a small, lightweight, yet sturdy device that floats on top of water and is designed to hold up a barbed wire or electric fence in order to control livestock such as cattle. Depending on your choice, the fence can consist of either one or two wires.

The Slough Stick is not limited only to fencing across water...

The Slough Stick is designed to sit flat on the ground if the water dries up, therefore making it perfect for portable dryland fencing such as swath grazing!



For the smart farmer or rancher that erects their fence across water using the Slough Sticks, the benefits will be immediately apparent.

  • The Slough Stick will immediately save you initial effort - to set up a fence using Slough Sticks, simply attach the assembled Slough Sticks to your fencing wire(s), lay the fence by the water source that you want to span, then pull the wires tight. The fence will pull itself into place and erect itself! No more wading into mud and pounding in pickets!


  • The Slough Stick will save you hassle - if your water sources dry up or the water level varies you already know what a pain it is to adjust your fence throughout the summer. A fence that is supported with Slough Sticks will rise and fall naturally with the water levels! Even if the water source completely dries up, the Slough Stick fence is designed to remain standing and prevent your livestock from escaping!


  • The Slough Stick will save you money - the Slough Stick is designed to last! Because your fencing wires are raised above the water surface, they will not rust and break as quickly. Nor will you have to replace pickets over and over as they pull out of the muck, fall over, and rot away. Not to mention that you will save plenty of time and energy by owning Slough Sticks - more time and energy that you can devote to other important aspects of your farming or ranching operation!


  • The Slough Stick is versatile - the Slough Stick can even be used for swath grazing! Their purpose is limited only by your imagination!


  • It's easiest to install the Slough Stick in the winter - have your fence ready long before the ice melts!


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