New epoxy bond coats released November 06

Xiom has released two new fusion bond epoxy coatings - XT700-03-12 and XT707. These primary coats are nothing to look at, but provide amazing bond strength and unprecedented protection for your surfaces. You can apply them either by themselves, or underneath other coatings if so desired. Call us for more details!


Free advertising material for our Xiom Customers November 06

We are providing custom-designed advertising brochures for our Xiom system owners to help them get their businesssample brochurees rolling! These brochures have space for our customers to apply their logo or contact information and are specifically designed to help promote their coating business.

To access this material, you will need to REGISTER at our forum, and you will need to be a current Xiom system owner (with a system purchased through Jaddak) which we may need to verify. Click here to sign up, it's free and it just takes a moment!


Anti-slip coatings Fall 06
Apply grippy non-slip coatings to your surfaces! X530 is blackish/clear in color and is easily applied with your Xiom 1000 system. Since it's grip particles are embedded right in the plastic coating, they will last longer than traditional traction paints. Imagine coating running boards, steps, ladders, stairs, heavy equipment, or concrete floors with a grip coating instantly and without hassle? It's here!


Xiom's antifouling coatings - XM 502 Fall 06

Xiom owners, it's time to be prepared for one of Xiom's most revolutionary coatings to be released.

XM502 is a copper-bearing coating designed to prevent growth of marine organisms on docks, boat hulls, and any other surface that are submerged in water. This coating is designed to last far beyond that of boat paints, and can be applied to surfaces from aluminum and steel to wood and concrete.

The preliminary test results are amazing.


Free T-Shirt Offer from Xiom Fall 06
Click here to read more about the free T-Shirt offer from Xiom!




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