Recreational Buoys

Our buoys can be used in any environment, from fast moving water to lakes and ponds. Based on the Slough Stick, our buoys are a reliable, heavy-duty, and long lasting means of marking off areas in water sources.

Use our buoys for:

  • Marking off dangerous or shallow spots for boaters
  • Marking off designated swimming areas
  • Creating courses - great for attaching rope or flags in order to create lanes or pathways for canoeists, kayakers, or boaters
  • Research - since they are extremely buoyant, they can be used to suspend panels, nets, or samples in water for research or environmental studies
  • Habitat - use for creating floating nests for water fowl
  • And many many more purposes

buoy with rope

Why use our buoys?

  • Cost - Our buoys are very inexpensive compared to other buoys that can be bought in marine supply stores.
  • Strength - Our buoys are NOT hollow or vulnerable to puncturing. They are solid polyurethane foam, and will function just fine if a shark happens to take a bite out of one.
  • Reliability - Unlike other buoys, ours will survive if left out through a winter. In fact, they can be easily placed during wintertime when your water source is frozen over, then left to settle into place when the ice melts.
  • Easily colorable - they can be painted or coated to fit color themes or to suit your needs.
  • Ease of installation - simply attach a buoy to a weight with a line and drop it in!



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