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Farmers and ranchers rejoice! We have a simple, cost effective solution for fencing over water sources to prevent your livestock from escaping. The Slough Stick is the answer.
The Xiom 1000 - Portable Powder Coating System
A portable powdercoating system? Absolutely! Take your coating operation on the road.

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The Xiom 1000 is a completely portable powder coating system that can be used by everyone from shipbuilders to custom car shops.

This Xiom 1000 is inexpensive, easy to use, and overcomes many of the problems encountered using a regular oven based coating system.

The Slough Stick™
Designed BY ranchers FOR ranchers, trust the Slough Stick to contain your livestock!

The Slough Stick is a small device that is designed to float on top of water, holding up your barbed wire or electric fence.

By spanning a water source with the Slough Stick, you can effectively and inexpensively prevent your cattle or other livestock from swimming to freedom.

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Nautical Buoys
These buoys are inexpensive, easy to set up, and will last forever.

Mark off shallow spots, swimming areas, and dangerous areas with our nautical buoys.

Our buoys have a wide base and can also be used on dry land as temporary markers for special events.

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